When I am in between jobs or seasons of TV shows, one of the main things I love to do (besides going on vacation) is to throw myself into something completely different tone or style wise to keep my editing brain sharp and active. Mostly what that has entailed is working with my wife and good friends to create the web series Happy And You Know It. It's a labor of love with the four or five of us that make it, which includes Kira Cook (my wife), Ramsey Robinson, and Laura Taylor.

Happy And You Know It is a small story about two people trying to find themselves in Los Angeles, and is in a lot of ways an expression of love to all the filmmakers we idolize such as Cassavetes and Jarmusch. It's not a style that we see a lot of today or maybe it is but it's now called mumblecore, but I've never really liked that term and think this reaches for something deeper.

We're just now finishing Season 2, and our first episode went up last week. This episode is even more special to me because Kira and I filmed it on our vacation to Sweden last summer and we shot and directed it together. Hope you enjoy! And check out Season 1 here.